How this whole thing got started....

My name is Luke Hatteberg and my wife Abby and I run and own Hatteberg Woodwork & Design in my shop in Dallas, Texas. In 2012 I realized a need for a creative outlet while going through grad school. As well, my wife and I always knew that we wanted to raise our kids around making things, the arts, and engaging the world in a way that valued the beauty of handmade things. So we bought a table saw and some basic hand tools and I began learning the craft of woodworking, which very quickly it grew into an undeniable passion. We then launched a woodworking business, Wayfaren and in 2014 we took the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

Over the last almost five years of running Wayfaren, I've made 8,000+ handcrafted items including dozens of custom pieces. And while I'm extremely grateful, there has been an ever deepening and insatiable desire to explore the hundreds of artistic and custom projects I've always wanted to start, most specifically custom furniture and teaching woodworking classes. This was the genesis of Hatteberg Woodworks & Design and I hope I get a chance to serve you in making the perfect custom piece for you or help begin your journey into learning the craft of woodworking.

Getting Started

As for myself.... 

I'm a husband of my beautiful bride, Abby of 8 years, a dad of two of the goofiest most adorable lovely daughters in in the world (Everlee, 3 and Colette, 11mo), I have a profound love for baking bread, a bottomless love for reading historical theology and used to be a pastor, I don't understand sushi but I think it is amazing, I learned braille and sign language in college, used to play nationally ranked competitive ultimate frisbee, backpacked across Europe for four months with a tent, went ice-climbing in the Swiss alps with a German Chuck Norris, hate mustard, can barely swim, have an insatiable itch to ride motorcycles, think Friends is the best TV show ever, am a sucker for musicals, think Gladiator is the greatest movie of all time, I am 50% Norwegian and my dad wanted to name me after my great grandfather, Thor.

grace and peace,

Luke Hatteberg